No need to introduce yoga; this discipline has existed for countless years and is now practiced in many different forms. Nowadays there are more types of yoga, ranging from the most classic that has made fame to the zaniest (such as naked yoga or SUP Yoga).

The benefits of yoga are numerous and cover a wide range of physical, emotional, and wellbeing issues. Regular practice can not only help you sleep better, maintain a healthy weight, and relieve back pain, did you know that it can also give you firm curves and reduce stress?

Here are five benefits of yoga that you should know, so put on your ” yoga pant,” turn on your favorite DVD, and let’s go!

Improved digestion

If you are one of those struggling with digestion in everyday life, you will be delighted to learn that a specific type of yoga postures might help you, these are twists. Twists positions that usually involve moving the shoulder to the face in the opposite direction to the hips. Different twists target the upper, middle, and lower torso.

When you practice a twist, you compress your digestive organs, it then causes a blood circulation cut. When you release the twist, there is immediately a rush of fresh blood that floods the digestive organs. Torsional postures thus help to increase blood flow to the digestive organs, thereby increasing their ability to function. Also, the relaxation of a torsion posture will also clean the cells of their waste.

Stress mitigation

This is one of the main benefits of yoga, known to everyone. If you practice it every day, it can be a great stress-hunter. During class, you are led to clarify your mind and focus on your body and your breathing through relaxation techniques and postures. In the long run, your stress reactions will diminish in your everyday life in the face of unforeseen situations.

Better sleep

Overall, yoga is known to improve the quality of sleep, and also the time before falling asleep. This can be an emphasis by the fact that it throws out stress as we have just seen it, the pressure that often prevents us from turning a blind eye at night.

There is one particular type of yoga that works miracles, which is Yoga Nidra, also known as sleep yoga. It combines relaxation, visualization, and breathing techniques. The execution of the postures taught it is prolonged and controlled.

The goal is to make every effort to reach a state of total relaxation between waking and sleeping; this is called waking sleep. Practice this type of yoga in the evening, and you will be sure to spend a quality night’s sleep

Better posture

Because yoga strengthens your sheath and your deep muscles, you will notice that your posture will improve as you practice it. You will walk with more confidence, shoulders straight, tummy tucked, and head up. A good position is healthy, and it’s also beautiful! Also, medical research has shown that regular yoga can be as useful or more productive rather than pharmaceuticals in the care of back pain and stiffness.

A better silhouette

The benefits of yoga are not just emotional or wellness-related; yoga is also a form of gentle gymnastics and physical activity. Although considered a “low impact” practice, some classes will still help you tone your whole body! It is not uncommon to work deep muscles and stabilizers.

Incorporates with a healthy diet and as part of a regular exercise program, yoga can help you lose weight. Ideally, a good workout routine includes cardio, strength training, and stretching.


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