If you do not get much time to move, be aware that body tension can be removed from your workstation. The yoga teacher Céline Masse offers you four fast and straightforward exercises that can be performed discreetly in a sitting position.

1. Opening of the trunk

On the end of your chair, bring your palms in your back. They must touch the seat with the fingers facing backward. Then you have to bulge your torso, lift your chin, then breathe deeply, insisting especially on expiration. This exercise is an adaptation of the posture of the fish, which is usually done on the back. “The idea of opening the chest is so good,” says Céline Masse, “especially when working on the computer. The body then tends to curl. The teacher recommends stretching this way a few times during the day.

2. Twists

Change your upper body to the right with your left hand to grab the back of your chair. The other hand can either hang near the back or cling to the backrest too. Deep breaths are of course required before repeating the exercise in the opposite direction with the opposite hand on the backrest. “This position helps digestion,” says Céline Masse. She is especially helpful after dinner to get rid of what clogs our concentration. “

3. Flexions

Fold the trunk near the knees. The head should be relaxed, and the arms hang down. Again, take the time to take great breaths and to expire a long time.

4. Yoga of the eyes

Did you know that eye yoga can help soothe a tense neck? “Visual fatigue leads to a stiff neck,” says the professor. Exit your screen and look away for a few minutes. Then move your eyes in all directions, taking care to loosen the jaws. You will derive many benefits.

And then, what are you waiting for to put yourself in now that the argument of time no longer holds water? By evacuating stress and tension throughout the day, not only will your body be better, but your mood too.


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