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Top Wearable Technology Companies

wearable technology companies

The industrial value of wearable technologies reached US$ 10.5 Billion in 2022, which is set to increase this year. Wearable technologies have successfully become a part of our lives and are now integrated into health and fitness. These devices will collect data based on your activities and offer helpful insight to help you set a realistic goal. Many wearable technology companies have produced wearable devices to help users; however, these companies stand out.

6 Wearable Technology Companies


Fitbit is an internet-first brand offering wearable technologies like fitness trackers and smartwatches. These devices monitor fitness activities and other things like sleep and weight. In addition, the company offers fitness and health tips to stay healthy while tracking these activities. It allows you to take a quiz to recommend personalized products for you.


This is a subscription-based platform for cyclists and runners. It is a social networking platform, at the same offers personalized training. You can analyze your cycling activities and compare and compete with other cyclists online. Other things you use with Strava are recording your cycling routes with GPS, examining your performances, and tracking your progress.


Proteus Digital Health is one of the pioneers of the current category of pharmaceuticals, Digital Medicine. It has a product called Proteus Discover, a Digital Medicine comprising a mobile application, ingestible sensors, a wearable sensor patch, and a provider portal.

The Proteus Discover is the first Digital Medicine in the world, and its function is to help patients recover faster. This is because of its ability to offer accurate diagnoses and treatments to patients. This insight will allow users’ healthcare provider to understand their health patterns and provide the right medications.


Apple has also earned a spot as one of the top providers of wearable technology for health and fitness. The tech giant produces smartwatches in different series, one of its products includes the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple smartwatch has functionalities to help monitor ECG, heart rate, sleep pattern, and O2. Also, it has a fall detection that will automatically contact emergency services if the user is immobile for about a minute due to a fall. 

In addition, the smartwatch helps monitor your workout pattern and help you set fitness goals using a mobile app.


Garmin also produces wearable technology but mainly focuses on outdoor activities. This explains why most of its wearable technology comes with GPS navigation. One of its products includes the Garmin Forerunner 235, a GPS running watch that can track your heart rate, distance, and pace. The user’s distance and pace data are recorded using an accelerometer built into the GPS running watch.

Irrespective of your workout position in the city or the woods, the GPS will locate your position instantly and accurately.

Atlas Tracking

Atlas Tracking mainly focuses on Body sensing technology. One of its products is the Alas Multi-Trainer 3, a sports watch with more than 1000 exercises. Also, the body sensing technology allows an accurate record of the activity of the user and fitness goals accordingly.

One of the interesting features of this wearable technology is recording the number of completed repetitions. In addition, it comes with a corresponding app to display your heart rate and heart rate variability.


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