Emotion is naturally free; it emerges directly from the very heart of life and returns to it. He who lets himself live emotion, instantly and without filters, returns to the very heart of life, to the very heart of his essence and discovers his freedom. To meet emotion, unconditionally is a possible and direct way to meet oneself / self.

Yoga helps in release emotion and free ourselves

Emotion is a naturally free movement, which emerges and resorbs itself. If it is left to it. The emotion knows the way of its emergence and its return.

But in general, we do not allow it to perform this natural movement of its own accord. In general, we try instead prevent emotions, to control them, not to live them, or to experience the discomfort they seem to bring. Sometimes we succeed and feel nothing, even more, joy, because by repressing an emotion we control all.

All these movements of rejection, retention, control, or attenuation of the emotional phenomenon show that we are afraid of our emotions. And yet, the emotion itself is saturated with life, and as such, it allows us to meet our essence, the life that we are fundamental. If we can follow the emotion where it takes its source, in the very heart of the living, it can bring us back too.

Releasing emotions, releasing their natural movement, allows us to find a lot of space, freedom, and lightness inside. Little by little, the chaos from the overflowing of held emotions dissipates and releases the radiant area of our real being.

The principle of this yoga

It is learning to let emotion touch us, and therefore already to see all the mechanisms of repression, rejection, avoidance, the transformation of the emotion that we have more or less consciously put in place. Learning to feel more and more emotionally in our body is central here. This will allow us to have an experience more and more direct and without the filter of the emotion.

When the emotion is touched at its source, it is released and allows us to taste at the same time to this innate freedom of the living that we are. It also frees a lot of space and joy in us and frees our body from multiple tensions accumulated over the years.


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