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The Maintenance Of Skate And Why It’s Important

For skates to glide effortlessly on the ice, the blades must be very sharp as they are the interface between the runner and the ice. Rust can interfere with skiing and be dangerous for the skater. Indeed, the contact with the ice being disturbed, braking is made difficult by lack of communication. To avoid such a scenario, the pads must always be maintained. The procedure is explained below.

Sharpening ice skates blade

Skate blades must be ground to provide the best possible skating experience. New skates are usually already sharpened. We advise you to have it done by an expert.

Indeed, this must be done by a specialist who has a machine made for. The customer has to drop them off at an ice rink or skate shop and has nothing else to do. The cost of a professional is not always much.

You can try to sharpen your skates yourself, but we do not recommend it. The result is not the same as with a professional, and you may break your blade.

How often should they be sharpened?

As soon as the skater feels that his blades are skidding and that they have no more grip on the ice, he can sharpen them again. So if you regularly maneuver and begin to slip or glide excessively, it’s time to get them sharp.

Where to buy professional skates?

Generally, skates are found in ice rink clubs and some specialty stores. However, these will often be a margin on it. It is, therefore, possible to buy ice skates on the internet. However, it will be necessary to go to a physical place to have them repaired if necessary.

Blade protectors

To avoid damaging the blades of skates and sharpening them, it is essential always to put protectors blades when you leave the ice. It does not take a case to walk on unsuitable soil with its edges directly. Ideally, the blades should be cleaned and dried after each training to prevent rusting. Ice skates require a lot of care. High humidity, salt water, dirt, and damage, in particular, accelerate the corrosion of the metal.

Maintain ice skates

The storage conditions have a decisive influence on the state and longevity of the pads. For this reason, the conditions must be right.

This means that they should not be stored in very wet rooms as this will accelerate the corrosion of the blades, and the boots may emit an unpleasant odor after that.

Do not save the pads permanently in the car. Extreme temperature differences in the vehicle can damage ice skates. This can damage the leather of high-quality shoes.

When ice skates are stored, the blade protectors must be removed so that no liquid can accumulate and the skids do not start to rust.

There are also unique bags for transport. They are practical for storing skates as they are adapted to their shape. These bags help prevent scratches on the boot or damage the blades.

The bags make sense if you are part of a figure skating club or an ice hockey team and you move your shoes more often. They are also useful for storage during the summer and if you generally enjoy protecting your ice skates.


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