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The Best Wetsuit For Swimming In Cold Water -Updated

Have you been looking for the best wetsuit for swimming in cold water? Then this comparison review article is for you. Find out which best wetsuit for swimming in cold water best fits you. With the combination of buoyancy, warmth, and flexibility, these suits are among the best on the market.

Open water swimming is an increasingly popular discipline with swimmers, not only for the sensations of freedom it provides but also for its benefits. Floating at sea is more complicated than swimming in the pool.

The water temperature, the waves, and the currents make the activity more energy-consuming, and the swimmers get tired more quickly.

Getting the best wetsuit for swimming in cold water will protect you from the cold and makes exercise more enjoyable.

5 Best Wetsuit For Swimming In Cold Water

1. Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit

Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit is designed explicitly for open(sea) and is made of 3/2 neoprene, providing much flexibility in the water. The wetsuit is streamlining type, perfect for swimmers, whether they are beginners or professionals.

It makes you feel like a second skin when you wear it. The wetsuit is more comfortable and durable.

 The wetsuit function is not only to keep you warm inside the cold water, but it also enhances your speed while you are swimming; this feature makes the best wetsuit one of the best for anyone just trying to train how to swim.

 It has a stretching feature that makes it stretchable to fit any body type in all directions, and it will return to its original shape when it is removed from the body. The seams are stitched and glued to ensure they never tore when the material stretched.

The wetsuit is coated, which will help you to move through the water smoothly, and it also provides help in getting rid of the drag inside the sea while you are swimming. This suit is ideal for the beginner to swim very well.


  1. Easier and more comfortable
  2. Increased speed inside the water
  3. Fit perfectly for anybody
  4. Great range of motion


  1. Because of its sleeveless design, it is advisable to pair it with wetsuit jacket

2. Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve Wetsuit (Men)

If in case you have been dreaming of training as iron, and you are looking for the best wetsuit for Ironman, Synergy Endorphin Fullsleeve Wetsuit is the one for you.

This wetsuit is perfect for anyone that desires to move smoothly in the water. The maximum wetsuit you can allow is the ironman wetsuit is 5mm wetsuit.

This wet is designed in a way to provide you more buoyancy than thinner suits which make it more comfortable o swim very well inside the water.

The wetsuit also helps to save energy while you are swimming and it helps you to stay very long inside the water for s very long time because of its buoyancy.

One of the features that make the wetsuit exceptional is that of the full range of motion, and you are entirely covered. Moreover, lastly, a full wetsuit helps to lock in the heat over your entire body. 


  1.  Very warm
  2. Too flexible
  3. Better buoyancy


  1. Seams could be a bit good

3. Synergy Triathlon Women’s Wetsuit (Women)

Synergy Endorphin Women is a full Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit designed with neoprene. It is very significant at locking in the heat and gives you a layer of water between you and the suit and is elasticated very well to enable you a full range of motion.

The wet suit is ideal for Ironman competition, and its 5mm wetsuit will provide the buoyancy and warmth that will help you in cold water.

Wearing this suit to swim at sea will give you more flexibility while you are swimming and when you are on land. when you wear this wait, it will feel like your second suit, and lastly, this is [ercet form you, if you are competing in a triathlon


  1. Flexible
  2. It reduces drag
  3. Light in weight (it feels like a second skin)


  1. Runs small in comparison to sizing chart detail

4. The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit

The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit is a high-performance X-FLEX suit liner stretching out in all four directions and returns to its original structure so that the Xterra Volt will maintain its shape and fit over time.

The wetsuit’s flexible liner makes for a relaxed snug fit. Designed for swimming in cold water. This wetsuit is Ironman & USAT Approved.

This wetsuit is very flexible to the extent that it allows you to move smoothly inside the water; it will enable you to stay inside the eater for a long time either if the water is cold or not.

The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit is a kind of wetsuit that a beginner can make use of when exercising or training to become professional.

It is straightforward and more comfortable when you wear it. Moreover, due to its stretching abilities, it can fit and accommodate any type of body while keeping the heat locked in, and the wetsuit will go back to its original size when you finished swimming.

The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit is also designed in such a way to give you maximum comfort. The functionality of this wetsuit doesn’t limit itself to increase your movement inside water, but also it helps you save some energy too.

It is ideal for reducing drag in the water. You could spend a lot of time inside the pool if you were this wetsuit due to its extra buoyancy. This is a perfect suit for cold water swimming.

Time is of the essence while you are inside the water, and this wetsuit will give you that time.


  1. Very Flexible
  2. Increase speed


  1. Fits small
  2. Sleeveless

5. Blueseventy Men’s Reaction Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit

This wetsuit is a Men’s Reaction Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit that is perfect for open water swimming, Ironman, and USAT Approved(ML). blueseventy Men’s Reaction Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is made from premium 39 cell Yamamoto and provides help to users to feel more comfortable to float and glide through inside the water.

This wetsuit manufactured in such a way that it can be used in water as cold as 58°F without problems.

It comes as the flexible sleeveless suit which is designed to provide smooth movement inside the water without compromising speed or buoyancy. 

The legs are made to be particularly comfortable for end-users to exit and are surprisingly flexible. This enables rapid transitions while competing in a triathlon or only just when you want to get out of your suit.

Shorter wearers can undoubtedly cut up to 6″ off the legs to ensure they possess an ideal and customized fit. The 2 mm thin arms provide more flexibility, which enables swimmers to experience comfort and speed.

It includes a 4mm chest panel which helps to keep you warm and swim quickly through the water, but it also features chest panels that are split open by flexible neoprene. t

This indicates that making use of this wetsuit  will help to be able to take a full and deep breath  which is very crucial for being able to do your best


  1. VO2 chest panel assures chest expansion to ensure that it doesn’t obstruct breathing
  2. Lowered collar reduces chafing and helps make the suit more comfortable
  3. Flexible and thin side panels allow for totally free motion in the water


  1. The trade-off for the independence of movement that included with the sleeveless model is that the suit made for waters down to 58°F

How to choose a wetsuit for swimming at sea

Choose a well-fitting model to minimize water ingress and heat loss. Indeed, if too much water enters your suit, the thermal protection is no longer assured, and you will have to use more calories to maintain your body temperature.

However, be careful not to choose too tight at the neck, arms, armpits, and knees because it can hinder your movements.

Do not hesitate during the fitting to make a few arm movements in crawl and breasts to test the elasticity of the combination. If you wait between a short or full combination, know that the full version, even if it is more difficult to remove, (especially in the legs) and saves you time in a competition. To other criteria to put into consideration are:

The temperature of water: A swimming suit in open water is designed to protect you from the cold and avoid making your workout uncomfortable due to the temperature of the water. To make this first choice, it is straightforward, it must first be chosen according to the temperature of the water in which the swimmer will evolve

Thermal protection: To swim in cold water, we recommend swimming suits 900, which are 4mm thick at the back, torso, and legs. They provide excellent thermal protection, especially in the chest and kidneys, areas of the body more sensitive to cold during swimming.


Getting the best wetsuit for swimming in cold water could be challenged sometimes and can make swimmers get the wrong one. Therefore, we believe that providing you a comparison review of the best wetsuit we have gathered through our extensive research is the best approach we can take to help you. Go with your choice and enjoying swimming in the sea.


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