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The Benefits Of Rhythmic Gymnastics For Children

Rhythmic gymnastics is a complete discipline. Show your kids videos of the sport and ask if they would like to try it: they might discover a new passion!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that combines modern dance movements and classical dance. It also includes acrobatics, as well as the use of instruments such as ribbons, balloons, and hoops, although many doubts that it is child-friendly, the benefits of rhythmic gymnastics for children are numerous.

This may not be one of the favorite options when choosing a sport for children. But rhythmic gymnastics should be part of the options.

In general, it is recommended that children be at least six years old to enroll in this discipline. If they do it before, they may have trouble making the necessary moves required by this sport. Also, at this age, they begin to develop their spatial orientation. They will have better control of their bodies.

Moreover, it is an activity that suits both boys and girls.  However, a large percentage of its followers around the world are women. It can be performed as an individual or in groups, whether in duet, trio, quartet, or quintet.

The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics for children

Rhythmic gymnastics is a demanding activity. It has the following benefits for children who practice it:

1. Improve fitness and flexibility

If you’ve seen the movements you perform in rhythmic gymnastics routines, you surely understand what we mean. It is a discipline that requires complex movements, which test the flexibility of children.  Moreover, they prevent it from diminishing over the years.

Also, the stability it requires strengthens the muscles. It also promotes the burning of calories. And, like any exercise, it improves metabolism, appetite, and rest. This is a sport that requires you to put in a lot of commitment and discipline.

2. Connect children to their bodies and their environment

In addition to physical demands, rhythmic gymnastics attaches great importance to aesthetics. This means that children are perfectly aware of the movements they perform while placing themselves correctly in time and space.

Also, it corrects bad postures.  Therefore, rhythmic gymnastics prevents injury. The balance of the child also benefits from the practice of this sport.

3. Exercise concentration

The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics are not just physical. Since it is a sport that requires pre-planned planning, the child cannot neglect what he or she does. As a result of this, this sport works the memory and attention of the child. This is, without a doubt, an exercise that puts the body, in its entirety, to the test. “Before the age of 6, it is difficult for children to achieve the basic movements required by this sport. Also, at this age, they begin the development of their spatial orientation. “

4. Stimulate coordination

Music is another element present in rhythmic gymnastics. Therefore, in addition to sharpening the sense of hearing, the child will be in a situation that will require him to coordinate his movements to the sounds he hears.

5. It will improve his quality of life

The sum of the benefits of rhythmic gymnastics for the children described above will allow them to be in a better mood. Beyond the physical activity, the practice of this discipline will help them develop their proprioception, their self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Besides, they will begin to talk to their classmates and teachers. They will learn the value of teamwork, mutual support, and group entertainment. Artistic gymnastics is an appropriate sport for boys and girls.


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