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Some Essential Element For A Bivouac

To make a trip during which you must settle down or camp for a certain number of days, you must bring some essential materials with you. This will allow you to live comfortably during your stay. Indeed, given the role of each element, your selection must be well done. Discover here the features that a bivouac must carry with him.

The different elements of a bivouac

All the equipment needed for a bivouac is all that will allow it to take good shelter, to eat well, to protect against the different climates that can weaken and ensure its safety.


During this type of travel or travel, it is necessary to sleep well to recover and be fit for the next day. Sleep also helps to keep a good mental shape important for proper discernment of the elements around you. Also, when you are not resting properly from day to day, and fatigue is gaining your body during these experiences, you are likely to get sick. This can prevent you from being comfortable during your activities. To do this, you must acquire a light, good quality sleeping material that must adapt to your needs.

The duvets

The duvets are essential elements, given the roles they play. Indeed, before choosing your different sheets, you must know the different climates that your body must face. Moreover, not all human organisms react in the same way to different types of climates. Thus, you must know the temperature level that your body can support to choose your duvets.

It is more appropriate to buy the duvets in the cities or localities closest to the places you have chosen, after obtaining the information on the different temperature variations. However, to spend an unforgettable stay during your adventure, you can perhaps carry with you a sheet of silk, cotton, and a sack according to your needs.

Floor mats

The floor mat is also a very indispensable element that you must have with you. Indeed, to enjoy the full moon and sleep in the open or to protect yourself from the chilly evening that comes in your tent, you must leave with a suitable carpet. To do this, designers have made available several types of carpets, including self-inflating rugs and foam mats.

Self-inflating carpets

Self-inflating carpets are very comfortable and offer exceptional insulation conditions. On the other hand, beyond their multiple benefits, they can burst and embarrass you. For this reason, the designers of this type of rug deliver it with a repair kit to allow you to repair the carpet if it eventually pierces. Also, depending on your weight and comfort you want to have, there is a multitude of rugs of this kind that have different dimensions and thicknesses.

Foam mats

Foam mats offer many benefits to their users. Indeed, they are light and resistant; they do not break and are delivered at a very affordable price. Also, honeycombed foam bedding perfects the insulation when the weight is small. They also exist in different sizes and weights.


To make these moments of travel moments of unforgettable pleasures, you must use a tent that will meet your needs in the field. So, there are some factors that you need to consider before choosing your tent.

Indeed, you have to define if you leave with family or alone. This will allow you to know the type of tent you need, because, during this time, the shelter will be like your second home. Also, features such as the size, number, and shape of the apses, self-bearing, modularity, quality, ease, and speed of assembly are to be considered. Added to all this is the resistance of the various elements that make up the tent, such as the outer canvas, the tent, the canvas, the waterproofing, and the wind resistance. It is essential to have a reliable shelter for these types of trips.

The hammock

The hammock is also a material that you must take with you to enrich your experience. However, in some areas and forests, it is better to sleep in a hammock than in a tent because of the climatic conditions of the soil. So you can use shrubs, branches, and rocks to install it. Also, you can also use a mosquito net to protect against insect bites. Some materials, such as cloth and others, can also shelter you from the rain.

However, the price of the hammock and its components varies depending on the choice you make. But, it is essential to spend a whole night in the acquired hammock to enjoy it before winning for your project. In general, a hammock is an economical option for the bivouac.


Staying away from home also means consuming food and drinks that are essential to your health. So having a stove with you during a hike or camp stove is necessary. This allows, of course, to quickly cook some unique dishes, heat the water and other drink. Indeed, there are several types of stoves for hiking. Among these, we find stoves gas, gasoline, wood, multi-fuel.

The gas stove

The gas stove is a tight cook, less dense and reliable. On the other hand, it has several disadvantages. Indeed, gas plugs are difficult to find in countries that use little gas and are not transportable by air. Also, for temperatures below -15 ° and -20 °, it is challenging to start a gas stove.

The multi-fuel stove

These stove models have the advantage of being versatile, but they weigh more than other stoves and are also more expensive.

If you have decided to go on an adventure, go on a discovery trip, and you want to camp in one of the most beautiful places in the world, opt for a stove for the adapted hike. This will be the solution that will allow you to live better on your adventure.


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