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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

how to lose weight without exercise

Fats can be difficult to burn, irrespective of the amount you have in your body. Although, with some effort and time, you can achieve your desired weight. However, what happens when you cannot keep up with the gym because of a busy schedule or because you don’t like the stress involved? Then you need to consider how to lose weight fast without exercise.

If you are in this situation you need to consider other alternatives; there are several influencers on the internet with strategies to lose weight. However, this does not happen without parting with some money. Below are effective ways towards weight loss:

Chew Your Food Slowly

You need to give your brain enough time to process you have had enough food. You can ensure this by eating slowly; taking time to chew your food will reduce food intake, help you eat a smaller portion, and increase fullness.

To eat slowly, you can note the number of times you chew your food. How fast you are while chewing contributes significantly to your weight. Fast eaters have a higher tendency to gain weight faster.

Increase Protein Intake

If you are serious about knowing how to lose weight without exercise, you must adopt protein into your diet. It significantly affects your appetite as it increases fullness, reduces calorie intake, and reduces hunger. This is because hormones like ghrelin and GLP-1 that determines hunger and fullness are affected by protein.

Therefore, you might consider switching your breakfast to contain more proteins like almonds, chicken breasts, eggs, fish, lentils, Greek yogurt, and quinoa.

Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves the type of diet in which you put certain restrictions on the number of times you eat. There are times you eat and times you don’t eat; asides from the meal schedule, there are no other diet restrictions.

It will help you achieve your weight loss goal as it will reduce your calorie intake.

Eat Foods Rich in Fiber

Fiber-rich foods are other alternatives you can include in your diet to lose weight without entering the gym. These food types help you feel fuller for a long time. According to several studies, viscous fiber is especially useful for losing weight.

When combined with moisture, viscous fiber forms a gel, which helps your body absorb nutrients appropriately. You can get this type of fiber in foods like Brussels sprouts, beans, asparagus, oat cereals, oranges, and many more.

Measure Your Portion Sizes

Portion control is essential to lose weight faster without going to the gym. You can use a measuring cup to measure your portions or use a food scale to weigh the portion that is appropriate for you.

The measure or portion of food that is appropriate differs according to individuals. However, on average, try half a cup of carbs, around three to four ounces of protein. You can have vegetables as much as you love and a little portion of healthy fats.


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