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Getting The Best Gym Mat?

Finding a good gym mat is not easy, with a large number of models suggested right now. So, to simplify your choice, here are the four essential criteria you should know before buying yours.

1. The material that composes it

The most basic criterion in the purchase of a gym mat is the material used for its manufacture. For its outer part, it can be different from one carpet to another, but the most reliable are PU leather, nitrile rubber or NBR, polyurethane and PVC tarpaulin.

They are well known for their strength and durability, and gym mats made from these materials can be used for many years. It must also be covered with an anti-slip or non-slip component to prevent slipping.

For its internal part, it must be filled with foam that must be thick and firm for comfort. The ideal is expanded polypropylene foam still called EPP, or thick polyurethane, or EPE foam.

2. The size of the carpet

The choice of its size depends solely on you, but you should still know that if it is too small, you will not be comfortable in your movements. And if it is too big, it will be too bulky and difficult to put away. So, the best is to choose a gym mat having an average size, for example, 180 cm long and 60 cm wide. But if you want to buy a large rug, choose one that can be folded into 3 or 4 parts. For its thickness, it must be between 2 and 5 cm, but it is even better if you find a model having more than 5 cm thick. In a few words, if it is very thick, you will have more comfort.

3. Storage and transportation

If you want to buy a gym mat for home use, think about where you will store it after use. So, you can store it easily, opt for a foldable rug, like that, you could put it anywhere without cluttering, for example under the bed, under the sofa, wall-mounted, etc.

And if you want to take it with you every day, the best is to choose a carpet that is foldable, lightweight and equipped with one or two carrying handles. There are also models that can be rolled up and that has a belt for transport. It’s up to you to see which one is right for you.

4. The price

The last point to check is its price, and it varies from 10 to $ 50. As usual, expensive ones have excellent quality, and those with low rates have average quality.

To conclude, the gym mat is the perfect accessory if you want to practice yoga or do gymnastics. But for you to have the comfort you want, choose the one that is firm, thicker and well padded. And to find them easily, follow our buying guide.


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