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Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands

The best yoga towel for sweaty hands is specially made from sweat-wicking fabric that stays grippy even dripping wet.

Sometimes you sweat profusely, maybe after the long run, and you cannot get a firm grip on your yoga mat; use a yoga towel to add an extra layer of absorption to your practice.

To use a yoga towel, lay it down over your mat and sprinkle some water on it to initiate the grip for your hands and feet. Even when you sweat, it will keep you solid in your poses.

5 Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands

Criteria For Selecting The Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands

Anyone who practices yoga will need a towel. And not just a towel, but one with all the qualities like their sizes, level of absorption, and price. Making the right choice is not a difficult task.

Yoga towels are used primarily for two purposes. One to place on top of a yoga mat to improve grip and traction, and two to wipe away sweat, especially in a hot environment.

Sometimes finding the best yoga towel can be tricky. You may think all towels are equal, but that is not true. Yoga towels are of different sizes, levels of absorption, and prices.

5 Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands

1. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel, Extra Thick Hot Yoga Towel

The IUGA Yoga towel is made of high-quality, absorbent microfiber that perfectly absorbs sweat and prevents your hands and feet from slipping.

Doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional; the IUGA yoga towel is manufactured to hold or support your poses without slipping.

No matter how sweaty you get, you don’t have to worry because this towel will quickly absorb your sweat, keeping you dry and fresh during a yoga session.

2. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat

This yoga towel and hand towel are made with 100% premium, super soft, and perfect, absorbent microfiber fabric.

This fabric helps absorb sweat or soak up perspiration, providing a comfortable, convenient, and stable surface for your exercise.

You won’t have to worry about yoga, bunching up between movements, or slipping on damp surfaces; the Jaci Yoga nonslip towel covers you.

3. YogaRat Yoga Hand Towel

These hand towels are made from thick, textured, 100% super absorbent, fast-drying microfiber material. They are great with your yoga mat, even at gyms and sometimes at home.

They are washable with the aid of a washing machine. Keep them away from things like bleach and fabric softener to keep them in style.

They are durable and take up much less space than terry towels in the wash, saving you water.

4. HeathYoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design

Image result for HeathYoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design

The HeathYoga nonslip yoga towel has Dual-Grip two-sided features. Its microfiber and silicone coating combined towel is the latest improvement to traditional yoga towels.

The designed texture ensures stability and helps you hold long poses. You will see that the non-slip design prevents you from slipping, allowing you to focus on your breath and poses rather than the floor.

5. Hot Yoga Mat Towel With Matching Hand Towel

The Hot Yoga Mat Towel is a perfect accessory for your yoga classes. They are absorbent, soft, and comfortable to use. It fits over your mat to wick away sweat and provides a clean, nonskid surface to improve your workouts.

The microfiber towels slide around to give you the perfect balance of cushion and stability to withstand any practice.

To get the best results, sprinkle some water on your towel to increase the grip at the head and foot of your yoga mat before yoga training.

Advantages of a yoga towel

At any time you’re sweating excessively throughout the yoga exercise class, you can quickly tell the variance between somebodusingof a bath towel and compared with a towel specifically designed for yoga.

Most yoga towels are created from moisture-wicking components, making it simpler and more comfortable to confidently perform the more challenging yoga exercise postures without worrying about sliding or slipping.

It cannot be possible to do hot yoga with no towel to provide help through my yoga flow more comfortably and faster. Here are some advantages of purchasing a good quality yoga towel.

1. Improve Hygiene

A yoga towel will take the Hygiene of your exercise to a new level. It safeguards your yoga mat from bacteria and will make it serve you for a longer time by stopping wear and tear.

You will no longer need to cringe at using a rental yoga mat at your studio and placing your face onto it, as the yoga towel will build a hygienic layer between you and the carpet.

2. Time Savings

Excellent news for pre-occupied bees – a hot yoga towel will save time and effort washing the yoga mat. Many of the rugs are likely to absorb all the dirt and sweat over time and may, perhaps hopefully, give off a bad odor.

The yoga mats usually cannot be cleaned in the machine, so they dried up for an extended period. Utilizing a yoga towel can save you the difficulty of cleansing your yoga mat every week. Just wash your towel after each session, and you’re good to go.

3. Get Extra Cushion

Depending on thickness, a yoga towel may add more padding for your joints. This can be very beneficial if your mat turns out to be too thin or if your joints require much more support throughout certain days.

A yoga towel made from a sleek and pleasurable material. Therefore, it is a valuable addition to your practice if you don’t like the texture of your mat

4. Enjoy Flexibility

Above all, yoga towels are multi-purpose. Aside from the yoga exercise class, they may be utilized in the gym, by the pool, and pool maintaining your face and hands dry throughout the exercise.

Occasionally people use yoga towels other than yoga mats whenever journeying or for rehearsing outside or on the carpet inside a home or hotel. There are two kinds of yoga exercise towels in the marketplace.

Large towels come into play the size of the standard yoga mat (24″ x 72″ or 24″ x 68″). They cover the carpet entirely and can absorb large amounts of sweat from the entire body.

If they are thick enough, these towels might replace the mat. Since microfiber is lightweight, it’s incredibly convenient to pack the towel when journeying or carry it to the fitness center or swimming pool.

The other kind is hand/face towels. They come in a small size (approximately 16″ x 25″) and are created to wick away sweat from your face or hands.

In case your kind of person doesn’t always sweat but still has sweaty palms sometimes, you might choose the smaller-sized hand towel. Just set it over beside your mat to offer you extra grip and convenience once your practice becomes hot.


The best yoga towel for sweaty hands is a perfect accessory for your yoga practices. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, it doesn’t matter.

The yoga towel is specifically for everyone. The yoga towel is the same size as the yoga mat, and the best yoga towel is usually made of a soft, absorbent, and non-slip fabric.

Just place it over your mat to keep it from getting sweaty and slippery or to wipe off sweat from your body or face.


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