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5 Best Yoga Mat for Beginners

The best yoga mat for beginners is highly recommended by athletes of all stripes and of varying needs., but one thing makes it different and unique from others is the thick and nice padding.

For those who sweat a lot during other physical activities, it is likely that yoga practice will prompt perspiration. Using the best yoga mat for beginners will go a long way for those who fall in that category because they are made from a special open-cell material.

They absorb moisture to keep things safe even when you are dripping sweat.

5 Best Yoga Mat For Beginners

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1. Gaiam Yoga Mat-Premium thick Exercise & Fitness MatCHECK ON AMAZON
2. BalanceFrom Go Yoga All-Purpose CHECK ON AMAZON
3. Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1" Yoga and Exercise Mat CHECK ON AMAZON
4. Yoga Mat Non-Slip- Longer and Wider Than Other Exercise MatsCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria for Selecting The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners (Summary)

Best yoga mat for beginners come in different lengths and textures and are made from quality materials. Before getting a yoga mat, you should consider so many factors.

You should choose based on your personal needs, especially in regards to the type of yoga you perform and also the type of material you want, the texture and thickness.

First, you must consider your body type. The type of yoga mat you get depends on your body type. If your joints get sore easily, then you need a thicker mat or mat with an extra-padding, that can be easier on the joints.

Secondly, you should know about your type of yoga. Your type of yoga should determine the kind of mat you should purchase. If you are new to yoga, it’s okay to go with a less quality mat. If you are able to figure out how your body responds to yoga, only then will you figure out your personal needs? And finally

You should consider your place of yoga. Your place of yoga also makes a big difference in your mat type. If you intend to do your yoga at home, you don’t need to worry about a lightweight mat that you can transport easily.

But if you take your yoga classes outside your home, you may want to look into a mat you can transport easily.

5 Best Yoga Mat For Beginners

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat-Premium thick Exercise & Fitness Mat

The Gaiam yoga mat is extra thick, non-slip surface that makes it safe for yoga practices. They are perfect for homes and studios. They are lightweight in nature which provides additional cushioning to help protect joints throughout your practice.

They are perfect for beginners and awesome for experts. The Gaiam yoga mat is durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra-thick for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine.

2. BalanceFrom Go Yoga All-Purpose

BalanceFrom All-Purpose exercise yoga mat comes with excellent slip resistance that helps prevents injuries, with a double-sided non-slip surface. Its exceptional resilience allows you to keep your balance during exercise routines.

The moisture-resistant technology makes it very easy to wash and keep your yoga mat clean.

An easy strapping and lightweight feature are added to this mat for easy transport and carriage. A BalanceFrom yoga mat is 71’’long 24’’ wide which makes it comfortable for people all sizes and shapes.

With a 1/2’’ thick premium mat that comfortably cushi9ons the spines, knees, hips on hard surfaces.

3. Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat 

This yoga mat is perfect for anyone looking for a safer, durable, and slip-proof alternative to the average thin yoga mats. It is made with High-density foam is four times thicker than a traditional yoga mat and 2 times thicker than 1/2″ thick mats to protect your joints more than ever.

Also, it Includes no-slip ridges and a moisture-resistant surface for a safe and comfortable workout. The Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick is manufactured from 100% cotton with long-lasting solid metal and rings around the loop at one end.

They are thick and sturdy. These yoga mats can be washed using the washing machine. This accessory is lightweight and portable so taking it around and about won’t be challenging at all.

4. Yoga Mat Non-Slip- Longer and Wider Than Other Exercise Mats

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on your yoga practices because you think of how hard your knees and elbow will hurt during yoga practices?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that because the Yoga Mat Non-slip is the best choice you can ever make. This high density and extra-thick mat provide the perfect and safe extra cushioning that supports and reduce the impact on your joints without getting hurt.

It is ideal for anyone with back and knee problems. With this yoga mat, you can keep your balance and hold your pose.

5. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

When compared with another yoga mat, the Toplus Yoga mat upgraded texture is more anti-slip great for everyone, especially for beginners.

With 1/4 inch thickness and high resilience type material, it helps protect the safety of all levels of yoga practitioners. Cleaning the Toplus yoga mat is not challenging. It is waterproof, all you need do is clean with wet cloth and place to dry.

They are made from naturally harmless the material, without any sort of toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes.

How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for Beginners

The choices of each are different concerning the range of the best yoga mat for beginners. However, six essential requirements are noticed and are the aspects you should focus on before selecting the mat that will become yours.

1. The thickness

A right mat ought to be thick, and fluffy objective is to safeguard you and isolate you from the hardness and coldness of the soil.

In many postures, you will need to be in assistance on the knees, the hands, even the head, which is, consequently, required that you can exercise effortlessly.

Alternatively, if your mat is too thicker, your possibility of losing the stability in particular postures like the tree which needs an outstanding anchoring in the ground.

The choice of the wideness of the mat belonging to you, know, however, that individual practitioners of Yoga discover that if the mat is exceptionally thick, they lose their connection with the ground. Down to you!

2. The adhesion

The best yoga mat for beginners has to be slip-resistant and therefore adhere well to the ground. Sometimes it will happen that the mat slips in the course of particular movements or shuffles when jumping forward or perhaps backward.

3. The weight

The best yoga mat for beginners ought to be light as much as necessary to easily transported. You will discover, for example, right different types of mats.

However, they weigh a lot! At the restriction, if you use it to practice at home, it’s okay, but if you carry it regularly, you’ll soon get fed up. Depending on the use you make of your mat, you will choose instead:

  1. For the house: a comparatively heavy and comfortable rug
  2. For the outdoors (you exercise in the studio or at a teacher’s home or the park or on a vacation): a lighter in weight mat will undoubtedly suit you much better
  3. For a mixed-use: try to find a compromise: a mat not overweight but still comfy. If you happen to be ready to invest a bit more: buy two mats: one for the home, the other for the outside and your motions.

4. The size

The best yoga mat for beginners should be long and wide enough to practice at your leisure. if you travel, you can get a smaller size rug, more convenient to carry, there are even now folding mats.

5. The material

There are mats made of organic materials (recycled rubber, organic cotton …) that respect nature and others made with derivatives of plastic. Most standard mats are manufactured from PVC, also regarded as vinyl.

Sometimes “bios” mats tend to slip a little more when compared to plastic ones. But you will find some eco-friendly rugs with an excellent non-slip rubber coating. Here again, the decision belongs to you!

6. The price

The idea is to find a mat with excellent value for money. You do not want to ruin your mat, but you do not want to change it every six months because it is damaged too quickly.

Some Question and Answers

How to transport your mats?

The best is to have a waterproof bag that will allow you to protect your mat, especially in case of rain. If you practice only in the studio, you can sometimes leave your mat on the spot. Inquire at the reception.

Bear in mind that when you have your mat with you, be careful not to forget it during your travels! For example, if you go to work with your matt, then take it to your class and then come back home, you have at least three risks of forgetting it somewhere.

Again, if you forget it at work or the studio, you should be able to recover it without a problem! On the other hand, if you forget it, for example in public transport, there, it is likely to be more complicated. The worst is often when you have several bags, for instance, a purse, a bag with his meal or shopping and the mat.

It’s three different things, and we take the risk of forgetting one on the road. If you are a little distracted at times, you can tie your bag and your rug together, and that way you get all of a sudden at the end and you minimize the chances of losing your precious mat.

Do you practice far from home without mats?

For example, you go for a weekend with friends or sleep at the hotel. How to enjoy your Yoga session without mats? Here is an excellent parade: anti-slip Yoga socks.

You can find it very helpful, for example at Chin Mudra. If you want to practice outdoors, by the sea, in the mountains or at the park, your solution will be to use a towel or a large sarong. Or you will practice without a mat if you prefer to be in closer contact with nature!

How to thoroughly clean your mat?

It is essential to take good proper care of your mat, which must include a long time the comfort and ease and the stability which you seek throughout your practice. Some mats pass without problems with the washing machine.

You need to choose a cleaning program and a comfortable laundry, why not wash nuts? And to dry your mat, by no means use the dryer, but lay it flat, if at all possible, in a ventilated area, as it is going to dry more straightforward.

You may also make a do-it-yourself cleaning spray. You need an empty spray bottle as a container.

For the content material: just a little water and purifying vital oils will benefit you clean up your mat. You can then wipe with a cloth and let it dry a bit longer.

When to replace your mat?

Once you start to have small holes in it, or you feel less isolated from the floor, your mat is losing its thickness, so it means that it has already lived well.

Each mat is different, and each person uses it in its way, with its frequency, and carries it more or less. So, it’s tough to give a necessary duration after which you have to change the mat.

If you practice twice a week, it is possible to keep your mat for three years. It’s an average; you see if your mat is still dashing or if it already needs to retire.

And what material to meditate?

To meditate, you can sit on your Yoga mat. For added comfort, you can place a meditation cushion (called Zafu) or blanket under your buttocks. Sometimes you will also see people meditating by merely sitting on a block of Yoga, preferably foam. To create a beautiful place to meditate, you can put a small table with a candle on it and, if you like, place a stick of incense in the room.

Bring your mat or use those provided in class?

This is a question that often asked by beginners. Be noticed that during your first yoga classes, and as long as you are not sure about joining this practice, you can use those provided in class.

If you start regularly practising a week, we advise you to buy your yoga mat. The problem with a mat lent during a class is that one quickly imagines the other people who have come before, who have sweated, who have put their feet and their hands and it is then challenging to feel good about it.

Having your mat is also able to bring it everywhere with you to practice yoga anywhere, anytime. It becomes a personal object, and you will like to unfold it at each session.

It also allows you to choose your aesthetic. Having a mat that we want is essential for practicing yoga in the right conditions.


With the best yoga mat for beginners, you don’t have to worry about having to go through pain or hurting yourself during yoga practices, and as such unable to concentrate.

Getting the best yoga mat with high premium quality gives you the best result and aids more concentration during your yoga routines. 

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