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Best Swimming Goggles For Triathlon -Updated

Choosing the best swimming goggles for the triathlon is essential for good triathlon practice, just like the neoprene or trifunctional suit. They will be as useful in the pool to protect chlorine as outside, where the waters are often turbid. Thus, at best, you can have excellent vision underwater; at worst, you preserve your eyes from impurities, chlorinated products, or salt.

The goggles are part of the essential equipment for triathletes. How to choose them? Which glasses for what weather? How to stop the fog? We reveal everything in this guide!

Indispensable for swimming without hurting the eyes, swimming goggles come in many models. Brand, weight, shape, color, and design discover the best swimming goggles for triathlon available on the market.

The goggles are part of the essential equipment for triathletes. How to choose them? Which glasses for what weather? We reveal everything in this guide!

9 Best Swimming Goggles For Triathlon

1. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Triathlon Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Triathlon Goggles are designed with a stabilizing nose bridge that helps you fit them perfectly without feeling uncomfortable. They are also polarized and curved, which is useful for eliminating distortion.

This Triathlon swimming includes a Quick-Fit buckle system that makes tightening and loosening more comfortable, even while using them. The buckle of this swimming google is designed in such a way as to enhance strap changed precision and comfort.

This swimming google is exceptional and made with a great pair of goggles that people will like. They come in such a way as to sit on the middle orbital or your eye socket, removing raccoon eyes and giving you a leak-free, stable fit.

They are made with an oversized 4-point Plexisol lens, which provides 180° visibility. Besides being large, the lenses offer UV protection and have an anti-fog coating.

Wearing this glass as a triathlete will serve your open-water swimming sessions well. It is very durable, and it can take rough treatment.

Basic Features

  1. Remarkably  peripheral vision
  2. Includes Quick-Fit buckle system
  3. Very durable

2. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Triathlon Goggles

When it comes to the best swimming glass for a triathlon, we will recommend  Vanquisher goggles. They are designed with anti-fog UV protection and double straps, which enhance comfort and stability.

They are one of the best-selling models in the market, and they have a low profile and a snug inner eye that fits with soft silicone gaskets.

Also, these swimming goggles aren’t bulky, and you can get a set of triathlon swimming goggles that don’t give too much resistance. The back clip is curved and doesn’t press hard on your head.

One of the best features of these swimming goggles is interchangeable nose pieces. They offer four nose bridges. You have to select and make use of them that best fit you. If you are a regular triathlete, these are the right swimming goggle.

Basic Features

  1.  Includes Interchangeable nose pieces
  2.  Snug inner eye that fit for better performance
  3.  Very comfortable straps

3. Aegend Swim Triathlon Goggles

Aegend Swim Triathlon Goggles come with many great features for triathlon swimmers. These swimming goggles are designed so there is no leaking, as they fit perfectly on your eyes.

They include anti-fog in the inner surface and are made from polycarbonate that guarantees long-lasting even in the harshest conditions. It also comes with silicone and nose pieces, which are very flexible for even better comfort.

They also come with some other features such as shatterproof, the lens has UV protection, and lastly, they provide a 1-year warranty.

Legend swimming goggles are one of the best on the market; by wearing them, you don’t have to worry about anything as a triathlete Because it shields your eyes from harmful rays protecting your vision for a very long time.

You can get these swimming goggles in different sizes, they fit men, women, and young ones, and there are various colors to choose from.

Basic Features

  1.  The great seal prevents leaking
  2. The lens includes UV protection
  3.  Offer 1-year warranty

4. TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Triathlon Goggles

As the name says, these models are designed for open-water swimming and triathletes. TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Triathlon Goggles lenses are made to be polarized and eliminate nearly 100% of the surface glare, eliminating a significant problem for any outdoor swimmers.

Made with the best material, such as Durafit hypoallergenic silicone, that offers the right fit and maintains shape for a long time.

They are also designed to give a broad peripheral vision, and the lenses have an anti-fog coating; you can get them in different sizes specifically for adults, and they can fit anyone.

Also, if you buy them for your children, there are kids’ models. Another feature is that the brand allows you to design your Special Ops goggles based on your taste and preference.

Basic Features

  1.  Polarized lenses
  2.  Comfortable yet durable gasket
  3.  No leakage, good fit

5. TYR Nest Pros

These goggles are from TYR; they are probably the most exceptional triathlon swimming goggles and a proper swim gear manufacturer.

The Nest Pros provide an incredibly comfy overall fit, as their construction has gaskets around the eyes, which are a little gentler on your face than older types of goggles.

Additionally, they possess a wide fit, although not quite as extensive as the Kayennes, and we’ve had good results with them not leaking. Overall, great overall goggles will likely fit a variety of face types.

Basic Features

  1. Extremely comfy
  2. All fit

6. Speedo Hydrospex

Hydrospex is a typical swim goggle; however, with advanced-enough features to make sure they are a standard for many triathletes. They specifically excel in pool swimming, where they tend to have a perfect fit and superb sealing features.

They are usually some of the more durable goggles available on the market. However, some folks don’t like that the nose bridge is not flexible, which should only be an issue with those with an extremely narrow or full face.

Hydrospex is regarded as affordable goggles since they are less expensive.

Basic Features

  1. Good fit
  2. Excellent sealing capabilities
  3. Long-lasting

7. ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swim Goggles

These swimming goggles come with a wide lens, comparable to the Kayenne; the R1 from ROKA is the perfect goggle that delivers complete coverage.

ROKA’s goggles come in a few different sizes, increasing the odds of finding something that fits your head and face design.

The wide range of visibility is a hit with many long-distance open water swimmers, and the anti-fog technology seems to be a cut above most of the others on the market.

Most companies we feature in this special goggles review make only swimwear, but ROKA is a little more versatile.

Basic Features

  1. Comes in different sizes
  2. All fit
  3. Wide visibility
  4. Flat silicone head strap with locking adjustment clip

8. Nabaiji 900 b-fast swimming goggles

These swimming goggles are included in a protective case and are excellent competition goggles for the price. They fit very well in the eye socket, with a reliable seal held throughout racing dives and tumble turns.

The safety glasses felt comfy enough during a pool session, though they did leave slight marks when we used them super-tight. the nose bridge can be adjusted to tweak the fit, and there will be no fogging while making use of it

Basic Features

  1. Comes with a protective case
  2. All fit
  3. Very comfortable

9. MP Michael Phelps XCEED mirrored goggles

These swimming goggles incorporate a protective case and fit exceptionally well to our faces without pushing too much. The straps were quick and easy to adjust compared to the competitors’ goggles.

The lens shape is streamlined for fast swimming, but we also discovered they had the most effective angles of vision of the pool-specific glasses. Designed with a choice of nose bridges, so you can further customize the fit.

These goggles consist of mirrored lenses that help lessens glare in bright conditions, a feature suited more to open-water swimming than pool swimming has pushed the price up a little.

Basic Features

  1. Protective case
  2. All fit
  3. Adjustable nose bridge

How to choose your glasses of triathlon glasses?

Polarized triathlon glasses:

Triathlon swimming is often the discipline, or people are less talented. The practice of swimming requires a high rigor to draw deep within yourself to get a performance. 

Polarized lenses are created to filter sun glare on flat surfaces. Ideal for swimming outdoors, on sunny days, and even on cloudy days. We have a single model of polarized glasses triathlon glasses.

The Special Ops triathlon glasses are available in several versions for men, women, and children.

Mirror Triathlon Glasses:

During your triathlon races, owning glasses with mirrored lenses will allow you to protect your eyes and reduce the brightness. Triathlon glasses with mirrored lenses will be ideal in pools or outdoor environments on sunny days. However, triathlon glasses with mirror lenses are less active than polarized triathlon glasses.

Transition Triathlon Glasses:

Enjoy a pair of triathlons in one. With its photochromatic lenses, transition triathlon goggles allow you to swim with either clear or tinted glass.

The tinted lenses will decrease the brightness and improve your swimming conditions in a very bright environment without filtering the sun’s rays.

The clear glasses will allow you to see better in a dark background and improve your swimming conditions without filtering the rays from the light.


In terms of swimming accessories, nothing is more important than your preferences. Remember, there is no right or lousy model: the best glasses always bring you the most comfort when you swim.

Nevertheless, we hope you can choose the right one from our comparison review above.


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