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Best Inline Skates For Figure Skaters- Newly Updated

Inline skating is a type of skating that has become very popular in various countries in the past few decades. Its design is similar to ice skates, with wheels of different sizes and measurements that can be used on hard surfaces. There are different inline skates for various purposes. There is a brand that has features designed for the best inline skates for figure skaters. Inline figure skating is sometimes called dry land ice skating, and several companies have high-quality inline skating equipment. And through our extensive research, we have reviewed the best inline skates for figure skaters.

5 Best Inline Skates For Figure Skaters

ProductMade forGo To
1. Jackson Ultima Mystique Series / Figure Ice Skates EveryoneCheck on Amazon
2. Riedell Skates - 625 SoarWomenCheck on Amazon
3. Riedell Skates - 19 Emerald Jr. GirlsCheck on Amazon
4. Jackson Ultima Women's Recreational Softec DivaWomenCheck on Amazon
5. Riedell Skates - 118 SparkleBeginnerCheck on Amazon

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Criteria For Choosing The Best Inline Skates For Figure Skaters

What are the best inline skates for figure skaters?

When looking for an excellent inline skate to buy, make sure you have the following features that will make them more durable, more functional, and more efficient:


It would be best if a little discomfort could be excruciating while skating, so comfort is the most important thing here. Ou had a skate that fits comfortably on your ankle, allowing you to lean forward without losing your balance. Therefore, getting a skate that fits perfectly and comfortably is essential.

Proper ventilation

This is a fundamental characteristic because it prevents excess humidity or heat. It is essential that your foot breathes and accumulates as little moisture and sweat as possible, which prevents skin problems and bad odors.

Durable bearings

It would be best to have very high measurements of the ABEC or ILQ scales, which are responsible for the precision and speed of the bearings. The higher the number, the higher the rate you can reach. For a professional skater, it is essential to consider this characteristic because it will bring you more performance and speed.

Adapted wheels

The type of wheel of your skates will be equivalent to the style of skating you will practice. Make sure you get a perfect adaptable wheel inline figure skate when deciding.

5 Best Inline Skates For Figure Skaters

1. Jackson Ultima Mystique Series / Figure Ice Skates

This is considering the best figure ice skate for men, women, girls, and boys. It comes with Leather upper polyurethane coated for easy care and comfort.

The flexibility of these models comes from the Flex notch and the synthetic lining that provides support and makes it last for a very long time.

This brand made the type of ice skate that is perfect for everybody, whether it’s a woman, man, boy, or girl, you will get the fitted one.

And lastly, the softer topline equipped with this design brings comfort to the skater while riding with it.

2. Riedell Skates – 625 Soar

Riedell Skates – 625 Soar is another figure ice skate designed specifically for women with a comfortable design and simple lacing system that help the skater keep their feet fresh.

The skate is designed to offer light support that provides stability for the skater while riding on the ice with freedom of movement.

The design of the boot is equipped with a split tongue and lasts for a long time; maintenance-free uppers provide support and comfort while skating.

Riedell Skates – 625 Soar is suitable for a beginner or casual skater and renders a high performance. We recommend this model if you are a woman looking for the best figure ice skate.

3. Riedell Skates – 19 Emerald Jr.

Riedell Skates – 19 Emerald Jr is another girl’s figure ice skate equipped with an open throat design and flex notch lacing system that supports the skater by keeping their feet comfortable.

It is made with a boot with a double synthetic reinforcement that supports your ankle. This youth figure skate is for girls and provides light support in the freeride movement.

There are so many to discuss this ice skate. It is made with a microfiber material for durability and has a padded Achilles tendon collar for added support.

The skate is excellent for any beginner or casual skater as a girl.

4. Jackson Ultima Women’s Recreational Softec Diva DV3000 Figure Ice Skate

Jackson Ultima brand made another women’s figure ice skate that is unique, modern, and light in weight. It is designed with a support and comfort Nylex lining with a velvet feel that provides softness and warmth for the skaters.

It is also made with a durable microfiber upper for tremendous strange and durability. The boot of this model can be compared to Jackson’s entry-level Ultima Mark I blade, which has a less aggressive pick pattern than mark ll.

What makes the Jackson Ultima brand very reliable in their manufacture is their cooperation with skaters and coaches to provide an excellent performance skate for all the riders.

5. Riedell Skates – 118 Sparkle

Riedell Skates – 118 Sparkle is last on our list but not the least. It is specially made for beginners to offer light support to keep beginners’ stability on the ice as they allow movement.

The boot is also designed with a split tongue design that gives the user comfort and support. What also makes it perfect for beginners is the extra padded linings for a cushion for safety.

A free PVC sole is designed in the boot to keep the skater’s feet dry after hours of skating.

Therefore if you are a beginner or just a casual skater, this figure inline skate provides excellent handling and moderate speed.


Inline figure skates can be purchased with a complete package, but there are some cases in which you can get a custom-assembled inline figure skate with your choice of frame and boot.

As it is known that getting this type of preference skate can be tricky sometimes, we believe our selections above will provide the solution in need in selecting the best one in the market.


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