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Best Ice Skates for Adults- Top Selection

As an adult, getting the right Ice skate is essential for ice skating. If they help develop your coordination and balance on the ice, they also allow you to glide comfortably on the ice. Buying new skates is undoubtedly exciting, but it is required to find the right model because all the skates are noticeably different. Because of this reason, we decided to provide a list of recommendations of the best ice skate that best fits adults and the criteria needed to choose the right one in the market.

5 Best Ice Skates for Adults

ProductWhose forGO TO
merican Athletic American Ice Force 2.0MENCheck on Amazon
2. Jackson Ultima ExcelWOMENCheck on Amazon
3. Jackson Ultima MystiqueWOMENCheck on Amazon
4. Riedell Model 119 EmeraldWOMENCheck on Amazon
5. K2 F.I.T. IceMENCheck on Amazon

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Ice Skates for Adults

There are different features to consider when trying to get your skates as an adult, such as the types, comfort, etc. Below are the parts to put in accounts while purchasing your ice skate;

The type

Before trying to find out how to buy ice skates with better value for money, we should ask ourselves about the models presented on the market. Indeed, the design of ice skates differs according to the disciplines in which they are used. Therefore, it is essential to know the type that is fitted for you.


Comfortability is a crucial aspect to take into account when choosing equipment. The warmth and protection offered by ice skates depend on the materials with which they are designed. It is recommended to choose the shoes according to your weight.

The shoe size

The truth is that the dimensions of ice skates are not the same as those of classic shoes. It is customary to buy skates that are smaller than our boots. If you have any doubts, it will be better to choose adjustable skates that are upgradeable.

Other features

There are many criteriums for selecting the right ice skates for yourself, such as price, safety, and so on. Always make sure you get the right one in the market.

5 Best Ice Skates for Adults

1. American Athletic American Ice Force 2.0

This is the skate you have been looking for as an adult that just started skating, casual skating, or intermediate skaters. The skate is designed to be suitable for any skater to fit for every skater and is considered one of the best lice skate shoes in the American Athletics line.

This skate uses a customized P.V.C. injection mold for the upper, providing skaters with extra support and comfort around their ankles.

Also, it is made with a breathable inner liner that generates a comfortable internal environment for skaters; it comes with a blade made of stainless steel that helps it maximize speed and agility.

And lastly, for reliable control while riding on ice, it is designed with solid edge support and copper rivets.

2. Jackson Ultima Excel

If you have been looking for a perfect skate at an affordable price, Jackson Ultima Excel is what to buy for adult skate.

We chose this skate because it provides more significant support for an adult who just started skating or wants to return to skating.

They made the skate to support the skater’s ankle and provide comfort while skating on the ice.

Lastly, the skates can glide very well on the ice because of the type of blade included; it includes a P.V.C. sole that makes it durable and made with synthetic lining

3. Jackson Ultima Mystique

This is is another ice skate from the same brand that made Jackson Ultima Excel, and it is another skate made of high-quality material with excellent support for any skater as an adult.

Like Jackson Ultima Excel, Jackson Ultima Mystique is designed with added padding in the foot and the tongue that help provide skaters’ ankles with more significant support. It also comes with many other paddings in the boot for comfort.

What you should know about Jackson is that they are very reliable when designing skates and provide support and encouragement for skaters.

4. Riedell Model 119 Emerald

Riedell Model 119 Emerald is a perfect skate for an adult skater who wants to show different ice skating tricks. The skates are designed with a leather reinforcement on the tongue that provides protection and strength for skaters on the ice.

They equipped the skate with a hand-rolled collar and an open-throat design, offering high stability and better fit.

The manufacturer padded the Achilles heel to provide better comfort and made it with a Dri-Lex lining that provides dry feet for the skaters after skating for some hours.

The skate performs better than why it is on our list, and it comes in a variety of half and full-foot sizes and wide and medium widths.

5. K2 F.I.T. Ice

K2 F.I.T. Ice is the last on our list, but not the least, as we considered this skate the best for adults going for recreational activities. The skate is made to provide skaters with many comforts after skating for so many hours.

This is a hockey-style skating shoe, and then it is made with warm, brushed lining and water-repellent fabrics to help the skaters keep things cozy and dry.

It is made with an extra stability cuff that provides more support. Also, it is made with a stainless-steel blade that increases agility and strength.


When getting your ice skating, many variations of this type of equipment can destabilize you, but never lose sight of the features that govern them in terms of quality through our comparison.

If your concern is to answer the puzzle of choosing the best ice skates for adults, you have come to the right place. Thanks!


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