Best Foam Roller For Neck And Shoulder

The best foam roller for neck and shoulder is an important and most effective tool for alleviating neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.

If you sit at your desk all day, maybe at the workplace, office, you have probably struggled with either neck, shoulder or upper back pain at some point. One perfect way to reduce some of those pains from such areas is by foam rolling.

Foam rolling is a body massage you can do to yourself. Foam roller let you do your own deep tissue massage. The process of doing this lets you see your body weight, precisely controlled, to help stimulate and relax your muscles.

Best Foam Roller For Neck And Shoulder

1. IDSON Muscle Roller Stick For AthletesCHECK ON AMAZON
2. Therapeutic Grade Premium EVA Foam RollerCHECK ON AMAZON
3. AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller Black And Speckled ColorsCHECK ON AMAZON
4. LuxFit Foam Roller, Speckled Foam Rollers For MusclesCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria For Selecting The Best Foam Roller For Neck And Shoulder

Sometimes the process of the foam roller can be uncomfortable, but massaging knots may help free your muscles of their grip. Some athletes report increased range of motion, improved blood flow and decreased recovery time after foam rolling.

When shopping for the best foam roller for the neck and shoulder, there are some things you must consider;

Their Density should be the first thing to come into mind. Foam rollers come in different densities, which is a primary factor of how effective they are at deep-tissue massage.

When you use a roller that is too soft can provide inadequate pressure while using foam rollers that are hard, can cause bruising and trauma which results in pain and reduces your performance.

If you want to get a foam roller, you should choose one with a softer side. Then as your technique improves and your muscles adapt you can progress to a harder roller.

Another thing to consider is the Surface texture. Some rollers have ridges and knobs that allows you to apply different intensities of pressure and to do a more targeted massage.

Smooth rollers give an even pressure across the entire length of the roller. This is a good choice for beginners who are just getting into rolling because the pressure is not as intense as with a textured roller.

The smooth rollers are also less expensive. There are a variety of rollers, it is left for you to pick the one that suits you best.

The Shape/Size is another thing to take into consideration. The size and shape of a foam roller allow you to use it without ease.


1. IDSON Muscle Roller Stick For Athletes

The IDSON muscle roller stick is a device used by athletes to compress and stretch the muscles. It has highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and it triggers point.

It is a compact 17.5 inches in length, nine therapeutic spindles to address muscle groups with ease. It is durable. When used during workouts, it helps prevent soreness and injury.

It corrects muscle imbalances, reduces soreness and improves tissue recovery. Suppresses trigger point sensitivity and pain. It is a great tool for any home therapy routine.

2. Therapeutic Grade Premium EVA Foam Roller

 The therapeutic foam roller is used by mostly by chiropractors, athletes, personal trainers, yogis and it’s among the best foam roller for neck and shoulder.

Using therapeutic roller gives you a perfect result and a therapeutic self-massage increases flexibility, strengthen balance, relieves pain and myofascial release for muscles recovery.

With these rollers, you will experience a new level of comfort for relieving your muscle pain with a foam roller that is made from recyclable EVA foam. They are made with a non-porous, premium material that 

3. AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller Black And Speckled Colors

AmazonBasic high-density is a valuable tool when working out. It offers exceptional versatility and support, and also for a variety of exercise routines, from core abdominal work to back stabilization, balance, strength.

It can easily be adjusted to target specific muscles and to assist in routines. It rehabilitates the upper and lower back, hamstring, etc.

They are made from molded polypropylene to maintain firmness. It is easy to clean and transport.

4. LuxFit Foam Roller, Speckled Foam Rollers For Muscles

These foam rollers are great for physical therapy, before performing an exercise or after. Muscles rollers help to relieve muscle tension. Its smooth surface does not give it a firm shape.

They come in four different sizes; 36 inch, 24 inches, 18 inches, 12 inches. 36 inch is the largest size and 12 inches the smallest size. They are great for back exercises, core stabilization, balance, and stamina.

5. 321 STRONG Foam Roller

These foam rollers use patented technology to deliver a therapeutic self-massage which is the same as a professional massage from a physical therapist.

The three zones for massage represents the thumbs, palms, and fingers so you can get the same message you want. These zones help to increase blood circulation to all areas of the body, increases mobility, flexibility, and decreases recovery time.

They are built to last and do not lose shape even when used frequently. It is made with lightweight materials that make it easy to transport a breeze.

10 Ways To Use A Foam Roller

The foam roller is among the best fitness equipment to have at home because of its unique method of making the body fit.

Now that we have gathered reviewed on five best foam rollers for neck and shoulder, we think it is our responsibility to give you insight on the different method in which you can make use of the foam roller at home.

Therefore, you will find in this article 10 different ways to use the must-have of the moment in terms of fitness, foam-roller below:

Step 1: Massage your muscles

A foam roller allows above all a non-negligible self-massage. Just slide the roller on different areas of the body; this will help you heal muscle tissue faster, and the healing process after training is accelerated.

Use it to relax the different areas that have been contracted, such as the outer part of your thighs, the quadriceps or the upper back.

Lie on your stomach and slide the roller under your body, at the pelvis. Use your weight to roll the foam roller under your body gently. Try not to rest too much on your arms and let the weight of your body relax as much as possible on the roll.

Step 2: Make self-acupressure

You can also use your foam-roller as a natural response to your pressure points. If you roll it over your contracted areas, your muscles can effectively relax.

Always pressing on the worn parts will relieve them better than go-and-seeing’s.  Do you feel knots in your upper back? Place the foam roller under your shoulder blades and cross your arms over your chest. Elevate your hips and use the weight of your body to apply pressure to weak areas. Hold 1 minute.

To relax your neck, lie on your back with the roller under your neck. Relax your head to feel a slight pressure on your neck. You can gently turn your head on the sides, then up and down. Hold 1 minute.

Step 3: Boost your boards or pumps

Training on the surface that is not stable allows you to engage your abdominals and back muscles even more and to work the whole body in exercises such as the board or even pumps.

Place one or two hands on the top of your roll while positioning yourself in the board or when you are about to start pushing. You can also slide the roller under your toes during exercise. This will force your body to work more to stabilize itself.  If too hard, you can start by using a roll with a flat top.

Step 4: Use it as a yoga accessory

The foam roller is an excellent ally for yoga poses that bother you a bit or to help you balance your weight. You can have it in different positions, allowing you to relax your muscles more quickly than a block yoga.

Your lower back hurts you when you have to train to lie on the ground? Run a foam-roller under your knees to help release pressure.  Also, to help maintain balance while doing a triangle-shaped pose, use a small roller to balance.

Step 5: Muscle your abdominals

To increase the intensity of your abdominals, incorporate the foam roller into your exercises, which will force your abdominal core to work more to balance your body on the unstable surface.

Lie on the roll in a straight line, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place yours both behind your neck, including your elbows facing out.

Peel off your head and shoulders from the foam-roller and gently try to lift your right foot. Bring him back to the ground and raise your right foot.

Continue to alternate for ten repetitions. Try to keep your pelvic floor muscles contracted all along as if you want to pee, but you have to restrain yourself.

Step 6: Improve your stretching

The softness and lightness of the foam make it essential for your workouts. He will be particularly helpful in stretching the hamstrings by pressing your right foot on the roller or doing the same with your arm to deepen his stretch.

You can also use it as extra-support in positions such as this stretching of the hips. Roll the foam under your thighs while you sit down with the opposite leg and bring your hips back to the floor.

Step 7: Develop your balance

To improve your balance and even your flexibility, use a foam roller for different exercises. Its cylindrical shape and mobility will contribute significantly to keeping you in balance. 

While sliding down, place your back foot on top of the foam roller. Bend your right knee and extend your back leg as straight and as low as possible, sliding your shin over the top of the roller. Come back slowly while bringing the roller with you.

Step 8: Relax your feet

After a long day in heels or a long run, your feet deserve some relaxation. Take off your shoes and start the massage of your feet. Place the bow of one of your feet on the roller and gently press on it while tilting your weight forward and gently rolling your foot forward and backward.

Step 9: Crack your back safely

Place the roll on the floor and sit in front with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lie gently on your back and gently lift your hips. Gently roll your body on the roller, trying to move the bust off your feet, and it will be your feet that will guide you.

You can feel your back cracking as you slide it towards your feet. Stop if it’s painful and be very careful.


All best foam roller for neck and shoulder targets common areas of stiffness and tightness in your upper body caused by sitting at a place for a long time.

But when rolling out the site of pain in your back and you still feel the pain, then its the tightness in your chest that is causing the problem.