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Best Fitness Equipment and How To Acquire Them

Glutes, calves, abs and any fitness equipment make many parts of the bodywork. Follow this recommendation to choose what you need. Whether in the club or at home, fitness machines are a great way to keep fit. Rower for the back, elliptical for the legs or stepper for the buttocks, each device has its advantages. But in any case, to have visible results, do at least three sessions of 45 minutes per week. Below is the list of various best fitness equipment and their usefulness:

 Elliptical device

This machine reproduces running, without the impact of the feet on the ground likely to cause back and knees pain. It provides a benefit for the legs and abs as long as it is very well placed: keep the heels on the platform without tiptoe support. This activates the calves, the back of the thighs, and the glutes. To engage the abdominals, you must stay upright without sticking to the sleeves. This position forces you to squeeze your belly to keep your balance. Finally, to strengthen the glutes, it is beneficial to pedal back.

 The stepper

It reproduces the fact of going up and down the stairs. Always keep your heels on the steps, never take them off. You could hurt your knees by pressing on tiptoe. Try to let go of the sleeves to straighten up. Do not lean forward as it is terrible for the spine. To strengthen the back of the glutes, take small quick steps. To improve the outside of the calves, the back of the thighs and buttocks, make long strides.

The running carpets

This machine makes walking or running easier than on the ground because the impact is cushioned. It is recommended to have sneakers that are less than 18 months old to have quality cushioning. Do not necessarily choose a high end, but replace them often. 


The treadmill works the legs, calves, thighs, and glutes. To emphasize in particular on the glutes and the calves, one can mount the carpet. To operate the lap strap, you can use the option “declined” offered on some carpets. In all cases, favor the unwinding of the foot by putting the heel first. One must straighten up and place the shoulders just above the pelvis. Ask a coach to observe your stride, because we often have a stance too forward.

Exercise bike

This activity has no impact on the joints. It is, therefore, suitable for overweight people. The bike works the thighs, calves and a little buttock. You can also have effects on the lap strap and small muscles around the vertebrae, provided you are well placed: straight, without slouching on the handlebars, lengthening the back and clearing the shoulders. Do not just press the pedal. It is necessary to coordinate the “support” and “the reassembly” clutch to balance the effort on the inside and outside of the thighs.

The rower

It is the top of the fitness machines. If there were only one machine to use, it would be the rower. It makes work the legs, the abs, the back, the biceps. It’s ultra complete, and it makes you sweat. It is also handy for back strength training and therefore, excellent for those with back pain.  Ideally, it should be practiced 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week, but in 15 minutes it is already handy. You have to be very well placed. We push back with the buttocks, we go up the shoulders, and we keep the alignment of the arms, then in a second time we inspire and pull the bar.


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