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Best Camp Shoes Backpacking Light -Updated

You need a pair of camp shoes for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities. Indeed, even if it is first of all to take the air, admire the landscapes, and travel at a pace. From the little walk to the trek worldwide, hiking is a sporting activity requiring adapted equipment.  And as hiking is essentially putting one foot in front of the other, the best way to prepare for your hikes so that practicing this sport is, above all, a pleasure; is to take care of your feet and their comfort. So, we will review the best camp shoes and backpacking lights.

Criteria To Choose the Best Camp Shoe Backpacking Light

Hike-able: You still need to walk around camp in these puppies. Your water source may be down the hill a quarter-mile. A heel strap can help stabilize your walk and prevent a ‘slip and slide.’

  1. Waterproof: Besides “camp,” you can use these shoes for river crossings. Therefore, try to keep them water resistant with little or no possibility of absorbing water. Soggy shoes will add some weight to your load and be a huge pain to dry out.
  2. Lightweight: These shoes will be the pair in your pack. Therefore, it must be light in weight
  3. Easy Slip-On: You don’t want to have to lace up anything, preferably a necessary slip-on or strap.
  4. A good rule of thumb: can you put them on with one hand?

5 Best Camp Shoes Backpacking Light

1. Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog is the best amp shoe among backpackers because of the too many positive features it includes. The camp shoe is very light in weight, water resistant, and durable.

This backpacking shoe will perfectly fit your foot because it is made of lightweight foam. If you’you’recerned about the weight, you can also remove the heel strap and wear them as slip-on shoes.

You will discover that they possess a limited lifespan, and the tread on the bottom of the footwear will quickly wear away. You’llYou’llto changes them now, or they’ll become dathey’llly slippery.

2. KingCamp Unisex Warm Soft Slippers

KingCamp Unisex Warm Soft Slippers are best for camping shoes for the winter season. The KingCamp Soft Slippers is an ideal choice for extra-insulated warmth in dry condition.

It is designed with a rubber sole and 40D coated out, which is very resistant to anything the trail can their way.

The insulating material is cotton, which is not effective when wet. As a result, always keep them safe inside your tent or shelter if the weather changes foul. It is advisable to be cautious with selecting where and when to use this type of camp shoe.

Be sure it meets your requirements for the season and weather conditions you’ll be backpacking in.

3. Chaco Z1 Clayou’llthletic Sandal

Chaco Z1 Classic Athletic Sandal will keep you comfortable all day long. They are sturdy, have excellent traction, and will hold up no matter what you put them through. Z1 Classic has some of the best fit and support in the industry.

While you’ll pay a little more and have to bearyou’llextra weight compared to a bare-bones Croc shoe, the Chacos, these shoes can be worn for a long time and on many occasions.

Chaco will undoubtedly fix the webbing straps and the soles on your shoes for a lifetime (for a minimal fee), which means that many Chaco fans have worn a similar pair of sandals for decades.

4. MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe

Edgewater Camp Shoes feature all of the standard Muck Boot features and more. Stretch-fit bindings and snug ankles always keep dirt and pebbles out.

They’re made to trek using nasty mud, and muck, and They’rehile keeping your feet warm, dried up, and comfy. 4mm CR Flex-Foam booties with nylon overlays provide 100% water-resistant performance, superior flexibility, and a four-way stretch fit for exceptional comfort.

One attractive feature of the Muckboots Edgewater Camp Shoe is the soft and flexible neoprene topline upper. That means it will readily adjust to fit your particular foot and ankle size.

5. Vivobarefoot Ultra II Water Shoe

Flexible Vivobarefoot Ultra amphibious water shoes provide minimalist overall performance, and it is made in a way that allows you to wear them as you see fit, from the seaside to cross-training.

The Vivobarefoot Ultra is a cool balance of performance and excess weight savings. Because they wrap the wide foot and lace up for a snug fit, they’re an excellent choice for washing in the river, waterfall, or crossings.

They provide foothey’rection at a lightweight tipping point.

A distinct awareness for those looking to gain the options that come with a Croc shoe, with some of the performance of a running shoe.


Each foot is different. There is, therefore, no “ideal” shoe suitable for everyone. Fortunately, more and more brands now offer models adapted to wide “eet.

The shoe should also provide enough space for the toes and fit perfectly around the instep so that your heel is securely placed while walking.

Do not worry; choose from the best camp shoes and backpacking lights that fit your feet, and that will make you want to chase the miles from the comparison review above. Choose comfort and choose the hiking shoe that best suits your feet.


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