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Best Belay Device For Skinny Ropes -Updated

It is not easy today to choose a belay device in a market flooded by an inflated supply. It’s a long time ago when every climber was riding an eight hung on the harness! Today we can opt for a well, a plate, an 8, and a self-locking device.

When it comes to the best belay device for skinny ropes, it is important to put into consideration. The belaying systems are essential for safety and help prevent a climber from falling, whether on a roping machine or at the head and control his speed during descent. They are now available in an impressive number of models, which can be challenging to choose, especially if you start in practice. We are going to review the best belay device for skinny ropes.

Despite this, it is, above all, the type of practice of the climber who must determine which best belay device he must choose because all these systems do not have the same versatility of use.

Criteria To Buy Best Belay Device For Skinny Rope

 Durability: Durability is one of the factors to take into account. So, purchase; a long-lasting belay device. Its material should be top-grade. Aluminum and stainless steel, for example, are ideal. Belay devices with hard and protective coats are also perfect.

Performance: Buying a product that has optimal performance in every condition. So, to get value for your money, look for a product you can set up quickly. It should also be able to hold your weight and the type of rope you use often.

Usability: For a better experience, look for one that can be used easily. Compact and portable designs. The type of device that is perfect for traveling. A tool you can set up and use easily will also serve you well.

5 Best Belay Device For Skinny Ropes

 1. Petzl GriGri 2

Petzl GriGri 2 is among the best belay device for rope, and it is still worth it as a multi-pitch belay device. It does add a few ounces and requires throwing an extra ATC on the back of your climbing harness. If the rope suddenly comes under pressure (e.g., in a fall), the cam pivots help pinch the cord, which allows the belayer to stop the climber’s fall. 

Giving slack is done using both hands to slide the rope via the device, and falls are held by holding the free end of the string; for lowering and rappelling, the rate of descent is controlled by the hand holding the open end the series.

However, it belays well from above, and multi-pitch is precisely where the GriGri’s basic safety and versatility make sense. The primary benefit of GriGri over a tube-style device is assisted braking.

2. Black Diamond ATC XP

Black Diamond ATC XP is a top-notch belay device with two friction channels, including toothed grooves. You will need a high-quality portable belay device such as Black Diamond ATC-XP. 

You will not struggle to travel with it when you are going on your camping and mountaineering trip. It also has a clutter-free design with a proven geometry and works well.

Moreover, these toothed grooves enhance friction and provide superior braking tension when catching a lead fall. Despite the ubiquity of active-assisted braking belay devices nowadays, owning a standard tube-style belay device is still essential.

When using this belay device, breakages are not frequent. Its durable design accommodates its shape well. Its smooth surface, moreover, allows ropes to slide freely. The cable that is included is also one of a kind.

This Black Diamond ATC XP is also versatile for double-roped rappels, which are essential for the belayer. We recommend this device because it’s slightly more durable and has sturdy lock-off friction.

3. Petzl – ASCENSION

Due to its quality design, Petzl – ASCENSION is designed to reduce the incidence of hillside accidents. Ideal for climbing, its molded handle has a comfortable ergonomic design. If you always go hiking and mountaineering, climbing mountains or walls, this is a perfect device you must include in your backpack.

Petzl – ASCENSION is one of the best, and you can handle it safely using your bare hands or gloves. It can be utilized for a long without straining your fingers or hands. It also has a sturdy grip, which enhances the safety of people during outdoor activities. It’s integrated safety catches. It stops your rope from snagging, and this is equally frustrating.

The Reverso is Petzl’s rendition of a multi-pitch-capable tube with some admirable qualities. It has the widest rope compatibility and creates noticeably more resistance, making it much less friendly on long days. At 59g, it’s very lightweight and it’s affordable.

4. Rock Exotica Rock grab Rope Grab

All Rock Exotica rope grabs include a smooth cam for a rope-friendly user interface and a body machined from solid aluminum. The Rock grabs have milled surfaces to lose weight and build a snag-resistant, sleek shape. The rock grab body is milled along the side to remove unwanted material, making it one of the lightest grabs on the market.

Additionally, the axle rests entirely inside the body giving the grab a slim profile free of any annoying exterior bolts or pins. Made to be staying on the rope.

5. Kong Ghost Belay Device

The Ghost is Kong’s hot stable, multi-use descender and belay device. The Kong Ghost is perfect for all your climbing adventures, from multiple pitches at Zion to alpine climbing in Alaska.

It is usually used with 1 or 2 ropes and excels at rappelling. It may be rotated to switch from lifting to lowering – and is recommended for use with the HMS carabiners.

One of the lightest multi-use belay devices on the market and is beautifully finished. Made from auto-block belay or perhaps rappelling, the Ghost is easy to use and smooth out to work. It operates on 7.5mm twin ropes or project-working 10.5mm cords.


Don’t just buy any belay device you can find online, do your research thoroughly, and choose the right device that fits your weight. To climb or descend like an expert, buy one of our recommended devices above.

They are durable and common globally due to their safety and ease of use.


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