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6 Items That Must Have For Family Camping

“The tank is packed; we’re leaving! The phrase announces the holidays and means that the tent, sleeping bags, and mosquito repellent are ready. And if some additions to the necessary equipment could make the camping adventure even more magical? Six ideas of particular objects to bring.

1. A high folding chair

Everyone knows the camping chair that is installed by the fireplace. It now exists in high chair version. Convenient to sit babies, especially on muddy Quebec campgrounds. You can put the bag on your back to planning a picnic at the end of a short hike. If you do not intend to move, you can settle for a booster seat.

2. A little pot to pee

Do not skip this paragraph if your child is already clean! Imagine instead at two o’clock in the morning, beside a child who is very eager, but who finds the toilets of the campsite very far and who is very afraid of being attacked by a squirrel if he goes to pee in the wood. We know people (um hum!) Who used the potty camping up to old age – and who are doing very well today.

3. Tools for children

When camping, the tasks become fun activities and opportunities to learn. Bring a shovel: your youngster will help you dig a ditch after the shower. From a certain age and under supervision, lend him your hammer, he will help you to drive the stakes. When the wind rises in the middle of the night, he will be proud to have solidified the tent.

4. An ice cream balloon

Ice cream, camping? Impossible: the pot would melt in 10 minutes in the cooler. With the ball YAY, a game of soccer is enough to get creamy ice cream! We put ice and salt in one compartment, and the cream, sugar, and vanilla in the other, then we boot or launch for about twenty minutes before enjoying the well-deserved dessert. About $ 35.

5. Earphones

Live glued-glued for a whole week? The parents’ dream can turn into a nightmare for a teenager or pre-teen. Think of headphones and a music player. We opt for the airplane mode, history that the use remains strictly musical. Sometimes, a little break is suitable for everyone.

6. A removable spa

This is a wacky suggestion worth several hundred dollars, but it proves that we can reach quite high levels of comfort in camping. After three days of rain, a flooded tent, socks that stink, a family overworked by the holidays sometimes needs to relax in a spa. Even while camping.


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