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Nowadays, we will see if the practice of this sport can lead us to lose weight. We hear a little
It's been a few months that you practice yoga or want to get started, and you decided to invest in
Yoga is the perfect activity to stay in shape after 50 years! Here are some easy exercises to improve your
No need to introduce yoga; this discipline has existed for countless years and is now practiced in many different forms.
We often talk about the benefits of this ancient practice on the body but not so much the benefits at
Emotion is naturally free; it emerges directly from the very heart of life and returns to it. He who lets
Its history goes back to the pre-Vedic era. The four Vedas are the oldest texts of India. Yoga has been
Because of the modernization of lifestyle, we have lost the harmony of life, because of which we have contracted several
Yoga is a discipline whose benefits on the body and health are recognized. But, as with any physical activity, there
Yoga is designed to move and move your body through a full range of movements and postures. Sometimes, in a